Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hello my friends and Happy Sunday ~

The sun is shining and my fairies are happy ~

I am happy too ~  Let me show you what Mr. Vintage and I have been up to ~

Our back yard used to look like this ~

Mr Vintage and I were tired of the upkeep and we didn't really use it that much ~

We decided we would take the pool out.  

We needed a little yard for Chico.  You see, hawks are very prevalent in this area and they will swoop down and pick up Chico for lunch ~

I needed to know that he is safe at all times and he needed a place to play.  So we built Chico a little yard ~

I love, love, love the little  picket fence and the gate.  

Mr. Vintage and I like to sit and have coffee here in the morning ~

Chico and Sammy love to play on the deck ~

We're not quite done yet. I still have to paint the fence, but sometimes I like it just as it is ~

What do you think?

Please let me know, I don't know whether to paint it white, leave it or paint it barn red ~

I need your help





  1. I really like a weathered look, but after a while it will look bad, so I vote for barn red. My neighbors just put in a swimming pool close to my house. With their five kids and all their friends splashing around and having a wonderful time, I'm really wanting a swimming pool right now! But I can understand about taking it out. Have a great week!

  2. Nice! I am not sure. I kind of like the fence as is :)

  3. Good morning, I have a little Chico just like yours. Only ours is named Tony. Your yard is perfect for the little fella! We have to be real careful when our Tony is outside, too. Love your yard and all the fairies that live there. So cute!

  4. You've done a beautiful job on your yard. It is lovely. I painted a fence white once and adored the look. Unfortunately, it was almost as much work to keep up as our pool was. On the other hand, paints are probably longer lasting these days and white would be fabulous.

  5. What a big fabulous deck! I'm like you....I would get a lot more use out of the deck! Love your flowers and playful pets! Happy Sunday!

  6. You have been busy! Love, love, love that vintage stove. ;0)
    I think it would look brilliant painted white.

  7. You have a gorgeous back yard. It's so big! I think it's great that you made such a lovely deck to replace the pool. Less mowing too. I would like to see the fence painted white I think. I like the wide pickets on it and love the vintage things you have displayed around. It looks like a lovely spot to relax and entertain.

  8. I love white picket fences. I've always wanted one. They do seem to need to be reprinted every year or so. Enjoy your new deck. It looks very inviting.

  9. I think I would leave it, more natural looking for the backyard. That was alot work to take the pool out!

  10. I like your yard and the fence very much. If the fence were in my yard, I would definitely paint it white, but I would have to see your house to really know what colour it ought to be, as I think that would need to be considered.
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. I vote barn red , fun to be different & goes with vintage look! Love your new yard, especially your red stove (?)

  12. Hello Marianne
    I like your yard now without the pool. My preference would be a white painted fence... enjoy your lovely yard!


  13. What a cool project. I love all the vintage touches, especially that fabulous stove. And Chico and Sammy are too cute; they're obviously happy with their new yard.

  14. What a lovely transformation you did with the yard. We could never have a teeny dog here either, or the hawks and eagles would carry it away if we weren't watching. So we have our BIG standard poodle LUCY. A white or red picket fence would be pretty...BUT....would always need upkeep. Can you get a red kind of "stain" so you don't have to keep re-doing it.
    perhaps...I'd lean to just leave it as it is. (hmmm, maybe cause I'm lazy)

  15. It looks awesome... I've heard of hawks scooping up pets... that would be HORRIBLE. Better to have an area that you actually use than a pool that you don't, right?


  16. I'd be hard pressed to decide too. All would be beautiful. The aging wood would be very natural. Guess it depends on the feeling you're trying to evoke.