Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Treasure Hunt ~ what fun~!

Hello my friends ~ I hope you are all well and enjoying the spring weather ;-)

Mr. Vintage and I went to Aberfoyle, Ontario this past weekend with our good friends Karen and Mike ~ we had so much fun.  I would like to share our treasures with you ~

I love old blue bottles.  We found these at an estate sale on the way home.   

I especially love this little violet ink well ~

I added some labels to these ~ sigh ~

I have been looking for a dough bowl for quite some time ~ well, be still my heart

just look at this beauty and it was the cheapest at the whole antique show!  I just love it ~

This little butter press had to come home with me !~

I had the wooden scoops and the ticking napkins I found on etsy ~  love the farmhouse look..

I also found this old box.  I put all of my cutting boards in it and hot pads so that they are handy when I need them ~

I also found this ironstone bowl ~ love, love, love it

I found this sweet frame a while ago and decided to put my mom and dad's picture in it.  I think it's perfect ~

My farmhouse kitchen is starting to take shape.  We had such fun treasure hunting ~

Have you been treasure hunting lately?  What wonderful treasures did you find?

Next time, I'll update you on the progress of the Chico Picket Fence ~





  1. Love your table!

    I was to the Aberfoyle Market once, it was a great spot!

  2. You found some fantastic treasures!

  3. Fantastic finds I love them all ! It has been awhile since Papa and I have been antique shopping , I think after seeing these lovely finds we will have to pay a visit or two to a few shops ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good evening !

  4. I am ooohhhing and ahhhing over everything! I have a dough bowl on my wish list, too. LOVE the butter press and wooden scoops, too! And the bottles are wonderful! You did GOOD my friend! I haven't been thrifting much lately but have one thing to post about later this week...something small! lol Sweet hugs!

  5. Oh wow, I love all your finds. Especially those wooden bowls and scoops, and the sweet heart butter press. I think we have many likes in common.

  6. Oh my. You sure found some really nice things. I love the dough bowl and the wooden tools. They are in great shape. Your farmhouse kitchen is coming together nicely, Marianne. Thanks for sharing all your lovely finds.

  7. That dough bowl is very nice.
    I love the ironstone bowl. You found some great things!
    I have not been junkin'. I have been working on decluttering, so I haven't been in the mood. Can you believe that? Odd, I know. It is so hard to declutter any vintage things. I just have too much stuff. But I will be back in the mood soon, I know.

  8. Oh my, loooove that dough bowl, so beautiful and the butter press, two of my favorite collectible s.......Blessings Francine.

  9. what great treasures! I like everything, of course I have a thing for bowls.

  10. Wow...you found some great treasures! Your farmhouse kitchen looks soooo cozy! Your corned beef box is one of my favorites!

  11. Oh my! I love every one of your treasures, but am head over heels for the dough bowl! What a treasure! I'd love to find one someday!

  12. What wonderful finds! I love the dough bowl. Your kitchen is dreamy!

  13. You did find some very nice little kitchen treasures, I love the dough bowl and the bottles. Your kitchen is wonderful, it really is looking very "farmhouse-y" I love it. The table is fabulous!
    I love the Hereford Corned Beef box, so sweet!
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. I had a great weekend thrifting, antiquing and at rummage sales. I loved all your finds. You have displayed them like a pro!