Saturday, February 9, 2013

Amoure ~

Happy Saturday my friends ~

Just a few valentine pretties for today ~

I'll be relaxing with this today ~

Maybe I'll make these.  They look yummy ~

Will you?

Have a wonderful day.  Mr. Vintage and I are going to a shabby chic sale.  Ooooooooohhhhhhh I am so excited ~

What are you doing today?




  1. That all looks so good, The cookies I'm talking about . LOL I am a sweet person, I mean I LOVE cookies and those looks so good.

    I love Victorian magazine also
    happy Valentines

  2. Beautiful pictures of love, I'm excited for you, hope you find a treasure or two, Francine.

  3. Very pretty and yummy looking cookies ! Took the girls to the vet earlier for their yearly check up and shots, came home fed the birdies , played out in the snow for a bit and now Papa the girls and I are just enjoying the warmth of the wood stove and sunshine gleaming in our windows ! Have a good day !

  4. SO many lovelies! Adore the spellout of words, scrabble is so cute! :) Have fun at the sale!


  5. Have a fabulous day hunting for treasures!
    We are home gardening today and maybe a long bike ride.

  6. Great day today! Can't wait to see your treasures in use :-)