Saturday, January 26, 2013

Baby it's cold outside ~

Hello everyone ~ It has been soooo cold outside that Mr. Vintage and I have been staying inside ~

Eating warm hearty soups and stews ~ Just perfect to warm your belly ~

Chico is trying to stay warm too.  He snuggles right into his blanket ~ and when he's not snuggled, this is his favourite place to be ~

He loves to sit on the furnace grate and feel the heat.  

Now, I am off to my favourite little consignment shop.  I'll brave the cold ;-)  Chico you can't come with Mommy, it's too cold outside for you.  Just wait for Mommy, I'll be back soon

What are you doing?  Is it really cold where you are?

Can't wait to hear




  1. Lovely photos this morning! The rose is beautiful - and Chico is so cute - and looks like the heater is his best friend. lol It's cold here too. It was -9F.degrees when I got up, but has warmed up somewhat, although I don't consider anything warm until May.

  2. Don't be mad at's sunny and 70 here. We havebeen having some wonderful weather for about a week. Hope you find some goodies while out thriftin'.


  3. My pooch who is considerably more fuzzy then Chico does exactly the same thing, right in front of the heat vent. It's a dog's life isn't it? LOL...they know what they should do. Consignment shop, havn't been since I picked up my 1960's proctor silex percolator with the lights....dreamy vintage...have fun.

  4. It's been around 20 (daytime) here for the past week but today is warmer, around 40 today. We went out and enjoyed the warmth. Doesn't that sound funny, warm at 40 ha! Glad you're enjoying your soups, I asked my husband this morning if I make soup too often in the winter, and he replied "keep them coming!"


  5. Afternoon, what a sweet picture of Chico on the vent, smart pup......So cold here still, just relaxing today.....Blessings Francine.

  6. It's been really cold here! Didn't even make it up to 30 the other day and we've had a little snow. I'm working on preparing soup and crock pot meals too - warmth for the inside helps! Little Chico is so adorable! Stay warm! Hugs, Leena

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  8. Nice photos ! Love your header ! It is mild here today and I went for a a nice walk and took winter photos . I figured with all the snow we got yesterday and last night I might as well enjoy the beauty of the winter as I cant beat it lol ! Tonight for a treat for supper we are going to our local pub/restaurant in Port Burwell just up the road from us ,they have awesome fish and chips ! Oh Chico you are soo cute in your blankie! Have a good day !

  9. Oh that little Chico is so sweet Marianne. Yes, it's been very cold here too but today it got up to -11 although the wind is still blowing. I hope you found some goodies at the thrift store and I know you'll share them with us. Have a good week ahead. Pamela

  10. So glad that you have a cozy home to nestle in.
    It's been in the 70's during the day here in FL.
    Hope you found a treasure or two.

  11. Freezing here...12 degrees this morning! We might see 50 on Wednesday though, hopefully!

  12. It was very cold until yesterday and today it's -5 outside! I will go for a walk outside tomorrow for the first time in six day! I'm a weenie.
    Your rose is pretty and your poor puppy looks like he's freezing.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Well, it was cold until today, ice etc. But now it is 72! In 2 days the high is to be 22 oh boy I can not wait for the front to come through..not! I cleaned house with the windows open today.

  14. hey Marianne - I'm with Chico - stay close to warm breezes. Remember when you were a kid and when you got up in the morning standing over the grate in your nightgown?
    hugs! K

  15. It's cold here in Oklahoma. Course, last Saturday it was 75 and now, it's cold, cold, cold. I'm so ready for Spring.