Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lamp love

I LOVE, lamps...oil lamps, electrified lamps, any kind of lamp ;-)

These green lamps with the chrystal drops are wonderful..

I have a pair of them...

Here's an old oil lamp that sits on our bedroom mantel

Our guest bedroom lamp...

Mr. Vintage's lamp, very manly ~

I call this one my fairy lamp

But my ABSOLUTE favourite lamp is this one.....

Have a very enlightening Sunday :-)




  1. Your lamps are gorgeous! My favorite is the same as yours but they are all wonderful. There's nothing like the light of an old lamp.

  2. OOOOOOH so pretty!!! All of them!!! They are gorgeous!!! My favorite is the fairy lamp!!!!! I love the romantic light they put off!!! So much better than regular lighting in a room!! :)

  3. Such pretty lamps...I have a touch of lamp love myself. I especially love your green glass lamps :)


  4. These are some lovely lamps. I agree, lights can add so much to an interior!
    Have a sweet Sunday too xxxx

  5. What a wonderful collection, Marianne! They're all lovely!!!

  6. oh how I love lamp light too...yours are lovely.
    Hugs for a great new week. xo

  7. You have a beautiful collection of lamps Marianne! I am just starting the search for some bedroom many choices though! ~Deb~

  8. Oh yes lamps can do so much to set an atmosphere! Love all the different lamps you have, and even a manly man-lamp!

  9. Hi. It's nice to meet you. I'm glad you came over for a visit. You have a lovely collection of vintage lamps and blog.
    Have a great week!
    ~ Julie

  10. Your lamps are beautiful! I especially love the two green ones with the crystals.


  11. Marianne,
    You have some gorgeous lamps! I adore them, I really do, especially the manly one with the antlers. That is a lamp my hubby would approve of.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. I love your lamps, what an amazing collection, I especially like the oil lamp in your bedroom now me and that lamp would get along just fine. :)
    It's so bitterly cold here how's your weather been?
    Have a wonderful week.

  13. What a beautiful collection of lamps! I especially love the fairy lamp. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Mariann
    Thank you for being all things vintage, it truly inspires a romance in all things pure.

    I too love a treasured find making all things sing!

    See you soon my Canada friend.

  15. Hi Marianne, what a pretty home you have! That rose painting is just beautiful, I have something similar. Thank you for your kind comment, and stopping by my blog, have a wonderful Friday xoxo tami

  16. Looove your lamps, they're beautiful! I have a thing for lamps myself, they add so much to a room! My McGiver would love your hubby's antler lamp too!Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  17. Beautiful post thank you for sharing,HPS.

  18. I do SO love lamps!!! The shades and the shapes and the different casts of the glow, depending on the draping or the angles or the wattage of the bulb.

    I HAVE discovered, however, that the dainty drapings, pale hues to lend just that romantic glow to a corner or a table---when you have a three-year-old in and out of the house, you're apt to discover your lovely silken coverings wrapped around a doll, a dragon, or being towed like a potentate's robes behind a slightly-irritated dog.

    I've just had a hankering this morning to see again a wonderful little piece on making Victorian lampshades---A&E I think, had a wonderful Sunday-morning program of House Beautiful on lovely homes and crafts---I most remember Jessica McClintock's absolutely most-romantic home I'd ever seen (and the most elaborately-carved bathtub, all roses and nymphs).

    But a company in California made custom lampshades---lots of which were 1890's bordello, but they were just GORGEOUS. I remember she said they'd made SIXTY of them for Melanie and Antonio's house. Wish I could find that video on You tube or anywhere again.

    (And wouldn't a yard sale at M&A's be stupendous?)

    Do I not ramble---just chiming in to add my echo to the I LOVE LAMPS discussion.

    Have a lovely weekend!!