Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yard Sale

Happy Saturday everyone ~ I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ~

I am going to share with you, some of the goodies we had at our yard sale ~
I just love this chippy little dresser ~ alas it did not sell and I am going to keep it.  Looks like I'll be fluffing my nest looking for a place for it ;-)
I love the chippy paint and the handles are so adorable....
Mr. Vintage and I did this chair together.  I found a new one and this one had to go ~
This sweet little plate was one of the first things to go
I am a dish fanatic, but sometimes you have to let things go (to make room for more, of course)
I also love linens, but you can't keep them all ~
I had a hard time letting this little table and chairs go.  It is so cute
Here are a few more goodies ~

Mr. Vintage and I had so much fun, alot of laughter and joking around with the customers.  It was a very good day.

Tonight Mr. Vintage and I are going to a fish fry out at the lake and we're taking our little camper.  Some of you have asked for pictures of the inside.  You can see them here and here.

Have a great weekend ~ Are you doing anything special this weekend?

Can't wait to hear from you.




  1. I have that exact little dresser -- of course mine is painted a little differently -- mine lives in my kitchen and it perfect for holding kitchen linens :)


  2. Oh my.....I want it all! I so wish I lived closer, I would buy that dresser in a heart beat! I so love that glass front cabinet the green farm chair, linens......on and on! I know I sound sooooo greedy....I can't help myself!

  3. So many pretty things...I guess that adorable little dresser was meant for you :) Funny when things I love don't sell. I end up taking them home and finding the "perfect" spot...and you wouldn't believe how many things in my house still have price tags...LOL :) Laurel

  4. Ohhhhhh and the vintage bed lamp and the iron bed frame.......I love blog window shopping!!!!lol!

  5. Wish I lived closer, you have some great treasures.

  6. That's the best yard sale I've ever seen! Look more like a mini antique show!

  7. Oh My! I wish I could have furnished my house with everything you had for sale! Love the table and chairs and the blue rimmed plate. Gorgeous! I'm glad you got to keep the pretty blue dresser :-) We're celebrating our 34th anniversary today and going to a wedding. It's sunny and hot and humid just like it was 34 years ago! Have fun at the fish fry. Pamela

  8. Wow! I'd cause an accident slamming on my brakes for this sale. Everything looks so inviting and more like a little shop than a typical yard sale.

  9. That would be the nicest yard sale I ever saw, looks more like a booth at an antique sale! have fun camping!

  10. Oh Marianne...this looks so beautiful!
    I would have loved to come to your yard sale. :)
    Love all your goodies here.
    Hope the fish fry was fun!!
    Have a great week !!!
    Enjoyed your lovely music here :)

    Deborah xo

  11. Ahhhh all those goodies! Just drooling on this post! You sure found some wonderful treasures! :)


  12. That is one beautiful yard car would have been full of lovelies!

  13. I never want to do a sale but when I do I enjoy the banter with customers. Glad you had a good day. xx

  14. Looks like you had some adorable things! I always hope I find a good sale like yours. Mimi

  15. Oh my, you had some lovely things for sale, sure wish I could have been there to buy that little china aqua plate. I love the table and chairs, too. So many nice things, I'm sure your customers had a good time shopping!
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. Why are you not my neighbor? Love all of this!

  17. Wish I had that dresser. I don't have one, and my daughter is giving me one of my grandson's I think.