Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring and a little Easter Vingette

Happy Saturday my friends ~

It is just beautiful here in Ontario.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and so is my heart ~

I've been fluffing and puttering around the Vintage household.  I am taking a break from painting ~

My heart is singing ~ Spring is here~! Spring is here~! 

A little Easter vignette ~

Mr. Vintage bought me this Easter Lily ~ so pretty.  Just remember, for my friends who have pets, keep them away from your pets ~ they are poisonous to pets if chewed or eaten and can be fatal.

Mine is up on a tall cabinet, Chico can't get to it ~

I'm now going outside to enjoy this beautiful weather ~

What are you doing today?

Can't wait to hear



Sunday, April 6, 2014

Family Room is done ~

Happy Sunday my friends ~

The sun is shining and it is 61 beautiful degrees ~ I love this weather.  

Well, I finished the family room just in time to enjoy this gorgeous sunshine today ~

Well, here it is.  You must tell me what you think ~

I wanted this room to reflect us as a family.   A place where we can sit and relax.  Nothing fussy ~ just like a pair of old faded jeans.

There is definitely me in this room ~

and Mr. Vintage as well ;-)

Chico likes this room too ~ he think's Daddy's chair is his chair ~ hmmmm wonder who will sit here ;-)

I love this fireplace mantel

I brought in my little crib ~ I have longed for a place to put this crib.  Well, now it has a new home ~

I still have a little tweaking to do with this little sweetie, but I will fluff and fluff until I get it just right ~

Well, please tell me ~ what do you think?

We have been enjoying this room for the past couple of days and we just love it.

Can't wait to hear from you




Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'm in Love ~

Happy Sunday my friends.  This is my new farmhouse sign for my kitchen  ~ which is now finished.  Yeah ~!

You know where this is going ~

This is the kitchen before ~

It was yellow ~ I didn't care for it anymore

The walls are now Vanilla Sugar and the cupboards are Kitten White ~ swoon ~  I am in love

I picked this little cabinet up at an estate sale.  It is now our liquor cabinet.

I made an onion and potato bin out of an old egg basket and lined it with drop cloth

Mr. Vintage made this farmhouse bench for me ~ how I love that man ~ He makes me smile ;-)

I made a potholder out of drop cloth and stamped a little chicken on it.  You know how I feel about my chickens ~

Our little message centre.  Hmmmm dinner sounds good.  I wonder who is cooking?  

My enamelware utensil holder fits right in ~

BUT the best is coming ~

Whooo Hooo ~ we found a school house lamp and it came from a local school, St. Mary's Academy.  It was torn down quite a few years ago.  Well, we found this at an antique store.  I love it

There you have it.  My kitchen redo,  all nice and fresh and light.  I think I'll be cooking tonight.  I love spending time in my kitchen now.

I am almost done the family room.  So I will share that with you soon




Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Spring~!

Happy Spring my friends ~

It has been a while since I last posted.  Mr. Vintage and I have been very busy redoing the kitchen.  I will be able to share that with you soon ~

Mr. Vintage and I took a break from renovations and attended an Estate sale yesterday.  Well, I brought home this sweet little chair for my living room ~

I just love this little chair and it fits right in ;-)

I also bought a little cabinet for the kitchen, but I will show that to you later ~

Here's a sneak peek at the kitchen ~

I didn't show you much ~ you'll have to come back and visit to see the kitchen ~

We did pick up a wonderful old school house light fixture for the kitchen.  It came from St. Mary's Academy which was torn down years ago ~ I just fell in love with it.

Now, for the big mess in the family room ~

Here it is ~

Oh my ~

I have always hated the color of this room and the boarder is horrible.  But, every time I tried to start the room I just couldn't do it.  I think I felt overwhelmed.  Well, since we are redoing just about every room in the house and since it is still cold here.  I am getting it done before the nice weather comes. 

So today, I am stripping the boarder off the walls and I have Monday and Tuesday off work.  I will be painting the ceiling and patching holes in the walls.  Swiss cheese walls ~

What are you doing today?  Have you attended any Estate Sales lately?  Have you found any treasures?

Once we have the light fixture installed in the kitchen, I will share with you our new kitchen ~  I love it~!




Saturday, March 1, 2014

more painting

Happy Sunday everyone ~

I want to thank you for all of your lovely comments about my new living room.  Mr. Vintage thought it was quite "white", but one night last week he was sitting in the living room and said "You know, the living room is very calming."  Just the effect I wanted ;-)  success~!

Well, you know, one thing leads to another and the next thing I knew I was painting the upstairs hallway ~

I painted my little table duck egg and I love it.  You can see Chico in the left corner peaking out at me ~

Even Mr. Vintage's little ceramic deer head looks great in the hallway (It was his great grandfather's).

I changed out my fireplace screen with this little cast iron plant holder.  I bought this at an antique show years ago.  It's from Holland and being that my mother was dutch, I could not pass it up.

I like the look ~

Well, now we are starting on the kitchen ~ whew ~ ambitious aren't we?  I will be back soon to show you when we are finished.  We are patching holes today.

In the meantime, 

I whipped up a batch of oatmeal apple muffins (in my spare time ~ ha ha), 

I made them for Mr. Vintage, he has been patching all of the holes that I had in the wall from my pictures and pretties ~ he is such a good sport.

What have you been up to?

Can't wait to hear~!



Saturday, February 22, 2014

My new living room

Hello my friends ~ it has been a little while.  Mr. Vintage and I have been very busy finishing up the living room.

I love the way it turned out.  I love the soft white which is Beautitone's "vanilla sugar" ~

I made "no sew" drop cloth curtains, and I adore them ~

Since the palette is very muted, I just had to have a little pop of color, so I left the old dresser in here ~

I made little drop cloth curtains for the small window by the stair case ~

A few added pretties ~

I had to keep my little turquoise table in here too ~ with a little pink chair underneath ~

After I was finished painting, I decided to leave the fireplace the way it was ~ You can see that I need to make curtains for the two windows here, but I ran out of drop cloth ;-)

I am getting some more tomorrow.  So you know what I will be doing ~

I love, love, love my living room ~

What have you been doing lately?