Friday, October 9, 2015

Dining Room ~

Good morning everyone~

It is dark and dreary here in Ontario, but it is supposed to clear up this afternoon ;-)

Last time, I told you I would show you more of the Vintage Farmhouse renovation ~ so let's go!

We have a wonderful dining room.  Here is the dining room before

I didn't care for the pumpkin colour.  So you know, vanilla sugar being my favourite colour ~

Vanilla sugar it is~!

The dining room has a wonderful built in cupboard

and my cabinet from our other house, jut seemed to fit right in

 I brought my fireplace mantel.  You just have to have a fireplace in the dining room ~ don't you agree?

My other cabinet is just perfect for my Jadite~

And my angel wings are perfect in the corner ~

Then there is the pass through.  I just love this ~ sigh ~

This is the view from the kitchen

all of my lovely dishes are stored in the pass through ~

I just love this little luncheon set ~ Maybe, Mr. Vintage and I will have lunch and use these ;-)

A little fall vignette on the table.

I brought my school house light fixture with me.  Just had to, you know.  So there it is.   The Vintage Farmhouse Dining room

We love it ~!  It's my favourite room in the house

Have you been decorating or renovating lately?

Do tell

Have a great day!



Monday, October 5, 2015

The Bedroom is almost complete

Good morning~!

The sun is shining here in Ontario this morning.  It is a glorious day.  Crisp and cool, but sunny.

I'm back today to show you the bedroom.  It is almost complete.  

Here it is before ~

Like I said before, the colour was way too dark for me and I didn't really care for the olive green colour.  But now, ahhhhh~

A peaceful retreat.  This is an old farmhouse and the bedrooms are smaller than our other home, but, I am completely in love with this room and I love the colour (duck egg)

A little reading, knitting corner to while away the evening ~ sometimes, a place to unwind after a busy day.

The little jewelry corner ~

and I just love, love, love my new throw rug.  My daughter bought this and gifted it to me ~ thank you Britt.

All summer I have been enjoying the open windows, but now that fall is upon us, I am going to make curtains for the bedroom.  In the winter months, I find curtains give a room a cozy look.  Don't you agree?

I think I am going with drop cloth curtains.  Let me know what you think.

Here is the view from my front window ~

and here is the view from my west window

See?  No neighbours, so curtains weren't really a must ~

While we have been renovating, I also finished this ~

Busy, busy, busy

I canned, tomatoes, tomato basil sauce ~ tomatoes, green peppers and onions, pepper jelly, wild grape jelly and beets.  We also froze green beans, corn, kale and several herbs.  All of this came from our garden.  It's amazing isn't it?

I am ready for winter!

Can you understand  why I have not been around....but now that most of the work is done, I am back ~

Did you can this year?

I would love to hear from you.



Sunday, October 4, 2015

Farmhouse update ~

Good morning everyone ~ after months of scrubbing, painting and renovating.  I am finally ready to show you pictures of the farmhouse we have lovingly made a home ~

This is the little table at the front entryway.  I love this old antique mirror with hooks ~

A little corner of our living room

You may remember the bathroom, when we first moved in.  Here it is 

It was too dark for my taste ~ soooooo 

Here it is  now.

I love the fresh look and I especially love my blue and white ticking shower curtain that I bought on etsy.  Of course, Mr. Vintage made the cupboard out of an old window ~ love, love, love it~!

Little nautical touches.  We do live by the lake you see ~

Love this little towel ~

So there is a little peek at what we have been doing all these months.

I will be back to show you more.

How has everyone been?  I hope you are all doing well.

I will be catching up with all of you in the next little while.  The major work has been completed and it's time to relax and enjoy our new home ~

Of course, Chico has been helping us.  He always goes where Mommy goes.




Monday, June 8, 2015

We're home ~

Good morning everyone ~ It is a happy happy day indeed.  Mr. Vintage and I are home.  We are finally finished moving.  We still have some work to do, but the bulk of the work is done.  We are HOME.

Of course, I have been painting and you know, fluffing and gardening.

Here is a picture of our new home before we moved in.  It was very neglected and I felt so sad for this lovely old home ~

I fell in love with this home four years ago and it would not leave me.  Whenever we talked about downsizing, I would think about this house.

Well,  we are home ~

Mr. Vintage and I spend countless hours on this front porch, listening to the birds, watching bunnies and deer romp and play.  

I did bring some of my plants with us ~  I could not resist.

My old tractor seat had to come with us of course ;-)

Can you imagine the stories that this home could tell?  Well, I have a funny story for you.  

The Staddon sisters lived in the house.  One was nearly blind but she had a driver's licence, the other could see very well, but did not have a licence.  Yes, you guessed it, the blind sister would drive and the other sister would tell her where to go.  Oh my, can you just imagine?

I do believe that they are still here.  One evening Mr. Vintage and I went out for dinner.  When we returned, around 11:30, I could hear something in the living room.  Well, the television was on and we did not watch television that day.  We still chuckle that the sisters wanted to watch t.v.

 Well, that's it for today.

I will have more pictures for you soon.  

Have a wonderful day!



Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The story of a new home ~

Good Morning ~ the sun is shining, the birds are singing and today Mr. Vintage and I get possession of our new forever home~

The story of how we purchased this home is quite amazing to me now.

Four years ago, Mr. Vintage and I were looking for a new forever home.  Our home was too big for us and we wanted to move to the Country for a simpler life ~

Well, we stumbled upon what we now lovingly call the "Lakehouse".  I was smitten.

So ~ we listed our house for sale.

It was not to be.  The real estate market crashed and our home did not sell.  The owners of the Lakehouse rented it out to tenants instead ~ sigh ~ I was soooo disappointed.

Many months passed, but still the Lakehouse called to me.  so I claimed it for our own.  I believed that we would be there some day.

I would say to Mr. Vintage as we drove by "There is our  house".  He would sigh and lovingly say,  Honey it's not ours and never will be.... I did not give up.

A couple of years passed.  We put our house on the market again.  We looked around.  We found nothing that we really wanted. 

Then we received an email from the owners of the Lakehouse asking us if we were still interested.  Well, you can just imagine my surprise ~ my joy!

We put the offer in, it was accepted and subsequently sold our house.

Today, we get the keys to our new forever home. 

I am over the moon with excitement. 

I will be back soon.  We have a lot of cleaning and painting to do, but I will be back real soon.

I hope exciting thing are happening for YOU!~



Sunday, March 22, 2015

April Fools is coming ~

Hello ~ 

I have been busy packing.  Our closing is coming up soon~!

April 1st we will get our new forever home.  For now, I just wanted to show you the outside pictures of  our new home

It is definitely a farm house.  I am in love ~ sigh ~

There is going to be some work to be done.  But I'm up for the challenge ~

I can hardly wait to sit on this front porch with Mr. Vintage on a hot summer night and sip sweet tea ~

I also love the ginger breading.  The detail of the front porch is amazing.

The gardens will definitely have to be done.

Well,  now you know where I have been. Busy packing and getting ready to move

Hope you are all healthy and happy. 

Catch up with you soon