Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Treasures ~

I love vintage calling cards..... they make me smile ;-)

I would love to start that tradition again.... How lovely to leave your card letting your friends and loved ones know that you were there ~ and you care ~

I also LOVE vintage valentine cards ~ how sweet ~

This is my valentine card to YOU ~ because you my friends make me very happy and I love each and EVERY one of you~

What special Valentine's Day treasures do you LOVE ;-)


  1. Just love your Valentine look, so pretty and romantic looking. Many lovely treasures all in one place.

  2. I love the calling cards and the Valentines!! They're so pretty!! That would be a wonderful to have that tradition still around!! They are so dainty! Your Valentine Vignettes are beautiful!! Boo...I have no vintage Valentine's day treasures but I'm thinking I should start hunting there's so many gorgeous ones in blogland!! :) Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  3. I have found some calling cards also aren't they sweet?
    I love all your valentine decorations!!!
    Suzann xoxoxo

  4. Such sweet and beautiful treasures you have, a wonderful occasion for such joy and love. Thank you for your beautiful words and card.

    From across the seas I send many hugs and kisses and love floating on the breezes. xoxoxo

  5. Thank you for the lovely valentine card! What I truly treasure is friends and relatives, the ones that I love and the ones who love me back. But my other great love is dark chocolate!
    Love and Hugs, Cindy

  6. Love all of your vintage Vday treasures Vintage Gal!:) I need to get so me Vday decor going on myself. Have a wonderful weekend! P.s. Loving your soundtrack!

  7. We certainly LOVE your vintage valentine goodies :) we also are thinking that old rose picture is pretty special as well!! We love decorating with vintage postcards (I have one from Germany that I adore!!) and vintage reproduction heart boxes....Karrie has a paper mache bunny with hearts (think Alice in Wonderland) that is too darn cute!
    Happy Valentines Day to you too!!
    Karla & Karrie

  8. I love your unique ideas and creative art projects! Your blog is soooo great!

    Also...Thanks so much for your visit today! I always love hearing from you!

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    Have fun!!!

  9. Happy PS. I love vintage and the cards are beautiful.