Sunday, January 2, 2011

Banana Bread

Good morning ~ I have made some banana bread.  There is nothing like banana bread with a little butter for breakfast, with a cup of coffee, or tea if you wish ;-)

A piece for you....

And a piece for me...

Have a seat...

Now tell me...... What are you doing today?


Marianne xo


  1. Thanks for stopping by Marianne and good wishes to your and your family for a wonderful New Year.

    Banana bread looking delish............if I was closer I'd stop by for a nibble! Love your area of Canada - my maternal grandfather was from Toronto.

    Congrats. on joining the awesome blogging community.........looking forward to sharing stories and images from this wonderful life.

    Hugs, Mary in North Carolina

  2. You've got this up and running already - you're so organized. It looks wonderful, I can almost smell it. Blessings, Kim

  3. I wouldn't mind enjoying a slice of that wonderful bread with my tea right now. Looks just perfect, Char

  4. Yummy, yum, yum Marianne, your banana bread looks delish and with a hot cup of coffee...Well it couldn't be more perfect on this very chilly morning. Thank you. Wishing you a very happy and blessed new year.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  5. Beautiful sweet friend. That bread looks simply fab! Does in come in a WWatchers version? :)

    Happy New Year to you. You are a blessing to me.

    Love, Rebecca

  6. Thank you! It looks wonderful! Everything here is quiet today - a perfect winter's day. :)
    Happy New Year to you & yours, Marianne!
    ~ Zuzu

  7. Hello Princess: It is I that THANKS you sooooooo much for a wonderful New Years. Loved every minute of it. Banana Bread? Yummy. Love ya lots and lots. See you soooooooon.

  8. That banana bread looks delicious and the floral chair is so beautiful~!!! Happy to have found your lovely blog! Happy New Year!!!

  9. I love banana bread...and would have trouble stopping at just one piece! But I'll try to be polite! heehee! I went shopping this afternoon and had a nice time! Now I'm enjoying catching up on some of my favorite blogs! Happy New year! ♥♥♥

  10. Hi Marianne -
    Yum, your banana bread looks delicious! I wish I had a piece of it to snack on right now.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. Happy New Year to you!

  11. That looks soooo yummy right about now!!

  12. Good morning. the banana bread looks inviting... Love the depression glass in your table setting in the post before this one... So glad you stopped by and left kind words... So nice to meet you....

  13. Looks yummy Marianne - have a great day!

  14. Your blog and home are so charming, and I see we love the same things! Thanks for the follow and Happy New Year!