Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hello my friends ~ I have to tell you that I had settled down this evening to finish my knitting project ~ my pink scarf...

I started this scarf before Christmas and I decided I should finish it ~ otherwise I will be wearing it in July when  it's 90 degrees ;-)

Well, I looked out my back window and I saw something on the fence.  Can you believe there was a peacock on my fence?  He then flew down and into the ice patch (that used to be the pool) slid across the pool and looked at me...
Believe it or not, there is a man down the street who has peacocks.  I didn't want to let my little "Minnie Mouse" out of the house for fear that the peacock would hurt her.  Have you ever seen how BIG a peacock is?
I called the neighbour and we had to chase this thing around the back yard with a flash light (as now it was completely dark).  He did catch the peacock and then low and behold....there was another one sitting on the fence.  He took the first one home and came back for the other..

Guest What??? - We can't find it ~ Couldn't get any pictures either - it was too dark.

I think I'll take Mindy for a walk....... :-)

I wonder..Is it good luck or bad luck to have a peacock in your back yard?  Do you know?




  1. Holy Cow! You're braver than me, Marianne. It's supposed to be good luck if a bird poops on you. I think it must be better luck that great big bird was on the fence, not in the air.
    luv ya! K

  2. LOL! That's hilarious with the peacock!
    I should crochet myself something, I've got all this yarn sitting around.

  3. Hmmm better one peacock in your yard than 10 in your.....
    Funny story and lovely scarf.

  4. How funny!!! I can't imagine a peacock sliding across a pool!!! Bad luck for the peacock, I would imagine. I had to look it up-peacocks are lucky if they spread their tail in front of you. I'm betting this one had his tail tucked!!

  5. GOOOOD Luck to be anywhere in proximity to one which is not your own, but which chooses to visit, claim, speak to, follow or approach you at any time.

    One of my most vivid, wonderful memories of the Memphis Zoo is the afternoon we'd had a picnic lunch, and were on our way back toward the gate. A peacock was just standing there, at the side, on the lawn, and I reached into the big net purse which had held our lunch and held out a small grape on my extended palm.

    I cannot tell you---no knight kneeling before a queen could have felt as honored as I, sitting there in the Summer sunshine, as that gorgeous warm creature strutted and displayed for a moment, then leaned companionably against my side and ate grapes, one by one, from my hand.

    Thank you SO much for dropping in at Lawn Tea!! I do hope you'll feel at home and visit often.