Sunday, October 6, 2013

Does Lightening Strike twice?

Happy Sunday my friends ~  well, it is still rainy and damp today, but that doesn't dampen my spirits.

I finally had enough sun light to take pictures of my latest treasures ~

Mr. Vintage and I went for a ride the other day and I found this beautiful little soap dish ~

It now lives on my table in the craft/sewing room ;-)

I found this little beauty at the same yard sale.  It now lives on my desk in my craft/sewing room.

By the way, there are big changes happening in this room.  I'll show you later ~

But the VERY biggest surprise was when Mr. Vintage spotted these ~

I have been looking for a couple of lightening rods for a long time.  Well, really one.  I think they are beautiful.  But they were sooooo pricey that I just kept passing them up.

We went to Heritage Village Treasure Hunt and of course, I wandered off to look at little pretties.  Mr. V. found me and said "you had better come with me, I think  I bought something for you, if you want them".  Well, be still my beating heart ~ there they were in all their glory.

Well of course, I want them ~ and we got them very cheap.  The best thing about them is they were removed from a house down the street from us.  I love it ~!

Well, these are my latest treasures.

Have you been treasure hunting lately?

Please do tell




  1. I've never seen lightening rods....or if I have, I didn't know what they were! How neat that you found 2 of them. I'll keep my eyes open for them now! Love the sweet little dishes, too. Makes me want to go thrift shopping! I went to a white elephant sale yesterday and have a few treasures to share! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  2. Love the lightening rods! Your husband is soooo sweet!

  3. Those are beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen any, anywhere! Great find Mr. V! Hugs, Leenaa

  4. I love having little dishes around the house...I have a sweet little piece of pottery, we lay our cell phones there to charge. I keep a little dish on my night stand to hold a pack of tissue, a ponytail holder..just whatever. Little dishes make pretty little 'catch 'ems' ...
    We lived in a house that had lightning rods on it. They were hooked up and grounded near the base of the house. Clever inventions ...I am curious what your are going to do with them? they are very interesting to look at and make a lovely stand alone sculpture.


    1. Pat ~ I think I am going to let them live where they want in my house. I agree they are definitely stand alone sculptures ;-)

  5. Afternoon, be still my beating heart, oh my, love the lightning rods, so beautiful....I collect them myself, they are a treasure, great for Mr.....And you, Blessings Francine.

  6. Aren't they wonderful? I just love the fact that they came off the house down the road from us.

  7. Well, I've never seen anything like that for sale before. What a great find!

  8. FUN!! I've found it's always best to be patient...good (deals) things come to those who wait :)

  9. Oh I like your lighting rods also
    I haven't seen any in a long time around here
    I think because they tore all the old barns down long ago

  10. Great finds. I love the soap dish, it's so pretty. but those lighting rods are amazing. What a score.

  11. Hi Marianne! I just found you while bloghopping. We're neighbours! I live in Windsor. I have the same loves as you and that is why I started blogging. I'm not as faithful at it as I want to be though. It's a good day when you come home with unplanned surprises!. Nice to find you.
    Blessings, Diane

  12. Those rods are very unique, I have never seen them before....kinda cool actually! This past Thanksgiving my daughter and I went treasuring shopping at some thrift stores and came back with all kinds of wonderful finds. Don't ya just love those shops! Diane

  13. I like those lighting rods. I have a friend who lives in an old farm house and the lighting rods on the roof of the house are incredible. I have looked and looked at them and they are all still intact. As I was looking at hers I thought it would be so nice to have them someday. I really like yours and I am glad you found some.