Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I have missed you ~

Hello ~ I have sooo missed you my friends ~

We have been busy, trying to sell my ex-husband's house (how I HATE that word).  He left my daughter in a total mess, with tons of bills and alot of worries.  We have been trying to take a little of the load from her, as she is only 23 years old.

I have been scrubbing, washing, fixing up the house that he left behind ~

This is what is looks like now ~

Unfortunately, he was a VERY sick man and the house went to ruins.  The grass was two feet high, the gardens were a mess (full of weeds).  I have been working every day, getting there every day after work and trying to make the house presentable. I was exhausted and had to take a break from blogging.   Mr. Vintage has been the usual sweetheart and has done as much as he can in his present physical condition.

We are trying to sell it ourselves, we have had a bunch of lookers but no takers.  I'm just about done.  Time to list it ~ We  have tried, the best that we can ~  

Hopefully, we can sell it soon and take the burden off our shoulders.

BUT ~ after all the work was done there ~ Mr. Vintage surprised me.

He has a BIG, BIG, surprise ~ I will show you soon ~!

I promise

I really miss you my sweet friends




  1. Phew, I had no idea you were going through all this. Have you ever read John & Sherry's (Young House Love blog) account of how they sold their own home? They are pretty thorough at giving the steps they followed, still had to pay 3% realtor's fee but that's better than the normal 6%. Well, hope it helps - and hope you sell it very soon. Hugs ~ Mary

  2. Have missed u too and think of you often! I am sorry for the burden your enduring and what a blessing u are to help you daughter.
    The house looks nice to me, will be sending out thoughts for a sale soon.

  3. I hope you are going to be able to take a little respite in that cute little vintage trailer. It sounds like you are all due a break. Enjoy whatever your surprise. Thinking about you. Bonnie

  4. Hi Marianne! It looks wonderful...praying that you sell it quickly :) We have missed you so ~ enjoyed the poppies ~ they are gorgeous! Looking forward to having you back!!

  5. So sorry you all have been going through this. You have certainly spent a lot of time and effort fixing it up because it looks great in the photo! So glad you are there to help your daughter. Sending you good wishes!!

  6. So sorry to hear that you all have had to deal with something so unpleasant.Hopefully, the worst is over and the house will sell quickly. Your daughter is lucky that she has such a strong mother.

  7. I have missed you too Marianne. Hope you are able to take a well deserved break and relax.


  8. That is a handsome-looking house! I know that the love and care you pt into fixing it up will bring you quick response. Sending comfort and warm wishes your way. Keep the faith...

  9. I don't know what it looked like before but it looks great now. I can't imagine what the surprise could be...hmmmmmm? Hope you get some much needed rest. Patty