Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering ~

Hello my sweet friends ~  Today is Memorial Day.  Although I am Canadian and we had our holiday last Monday, I am taking a moment with you to remember....

Let's take a walk through the garden ~ shall we?

My hostas are huge this year ~

My poppies have popped!~

I love the way the light dances in my garden ;-)

To all my American friends ~ have fun, be safe and take a moment to remember ~

What are your plans for today?  Please tell me ~ and ~

next time, I will show you what I have been doing ~




  1. Beautiful poppies..The local hosta is huge this year..Lovely garden..Spring flowers are the best..Enjoy the weekend..

  2. Poppies are my very favorite flower. Enjoy your day in your beautiful garden.

  3. Hi Marianne. Your garden looks very pretty especially those beautiful red poppies. Have a great week!

  4. Your garden is beautiful! Love, love, love those alliums and hostas together. Enjoy your day.

  5. Love your hostas, they're my favorite plants! The poppies are awesome, too. Thanks for "remembering" with us. We're having a few of my husband's work friends over for a cook-out, they're a boatload of fun! Hugs ~ Mary

  6. Your poppies are so pretty! Taking it easy today..we do Memorial Day on Sunday so everyone can rest today.

  7. Your garden is inspirational! I'm actually beginning to enjoy mine this year. I have fewer outside responsibilities and can take back what nature reclaimed in my backyard. I hope it will look like yours someday!

  8. Weeding . After the rain we had yesterday the weeds seem to grow back fast lol . My Hostas are doing well to . Hot enough for you . My mum always had a separate poppy garden on our farm from the other flower gardens she grew them as a reminder for others for our Rememberance day and because my dad was a soldier in the second world war in Brittan ! Lovely photos. Have a wonderful cool evening !

  9. That was lovely. Things grow so much better in YOUR neck of the woods. OUR lilacs haven't even bloomed yet....No Kidding.
    Last year at this time I was home with my kids in Utah...and we all got to go visit my son's gravesite.
    I really missed that today.
    Was a little "blue" about it.