Saturday, April 28, 2012

random Saturday

Happy Saturday, my friends.  I have been busy cleaning and fluffing our cottage.

I thought I would share some random images with you today.  My garden is starting to grow quite nicely.

It is chilly and damp in Ontario today ~ so the chilli is cooking  ~

The bread is rising ~ yum ~

and my garden is popping.  Just about perfect, don't you think?

Can't you just smell the lilacs?  I must pick some today to bring that fresh smell into the cottage ~

My bleeding heart just loves these cooler temps ~ it really makes my heart sing ~

Chessie loves exploring in the garden ~

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday.  What are you doing today ~ Can't wait to hear


Marianne ;-)


  1. Marianne, it is so nice to know that you are enjoying some colour in your flower beds. I'm still in Fort McMurray and it's still very brown here. The grass is starting to green a bit but there are no trees in leaf and no daffodils or tulips around this neighbourhood. :( I hope to get out and rake their backyard this afternoon as it's sunny and warmer today. I hear it's nice and green in N.B. but also cold and wet. I'm looking forward to May aren't you? Enjoy the weekend. Blessings, Pamela

  2. Hi Marianne,
    Your garden looks lovely. I just love bleeding hearts but they don't do well where I live. I just got six baby chickens. My husband is making them a coop and yard and they will be ready to move into soon. How are your's doing?


  3. So good to hear things are progressing there nicely. What are those lovely blue blooms in the shot right before the lilacs? Just gorgeous!

  4. Your flowers are lovely...everything seems to be blooming early this year! I had a quiet day but it was nice. Then I made a big bowl of potato salad to go with some BBQ brisket. I like days like this! Hugs!

  5. your flowers are lovley you are ahead of us in in northern nh.

  6. Everything is absolutely beautiful. My bleeding hearts did not return this year. It was just to hot last summer. I am so enjoying watching everyone gardens come to life. Happy weekend! Bonnie

  7. Hello, from Millbrook, Ny, Your flowers are coming up very nicely-beautiful.
    My bleeding heart isn't even half the size. Our temp here was around 29 degrees last night.Crazy weather!That That Chili looks yummy! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Anna

  8. You are way ahead of us! Our bleeding hearts are showing a couple of inches above the ground, as is everything else. The lilacs aren't even leafing out yet.
    We've hardly had any rain, and the sun was gorgeous with temps of about 15 deg.C.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. Just love picking lilacs to bring in. Right now my peonies are starting to bloom and the smell in the house is glorious!

  10. Good morning Marianne your garden looks lovely! I almost missed seeing Chessie.. he blends right in. I hope you enjoyed your Chilli & fresh bread.. it looks amazing! Have a great Sunday!

  11. Hello Marianne! I'm smiling because I have half of the plants that you've shown in your garden :) Thanks so much for stopping by today...we can almost smell that chili from here...mmmmmm! Enjoy!

  12. What a lovely day! I bet that chili was delicious.

  13. Man, I can smell that delicious chili and bread from Here. And your flowers are lovely. Our lilacs here in "balmy" Alberta haven't even budded yet.
    MY Saturday was horrendous........I'll be posting about it later.

  14. Ooooooooo, your garden is gorgeous! Enjoy this beautiful Saturday - I'll be outdoors enjoying the sunshine. :)

  15. Hi Maryann,

    Nice to meet you! I am blog hopping, and found your blog. So glad I did,I am your newest follower. Lovely flowers. Your camera takes great pictures. It is rainy and gloomy here today in central NJ. What a lovely daughter you have. Sorry to hear she lost her dad. My youngest daughter is 21. It is hard when they leave the nest. She is still home for now!