Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring hair cut and chickens~

Hi everyone ~ I'm hosting Mommy's blog today because she's working on a few projects...she says that she will show you later

I'm a little shy and I'm new at this, so forgive me if I make a mistake ~

I have to tell you I'm upset ~ Mommy is getting chickens ~

Is she going to love the chickens more than me?

I hope not....

I could run away from home ~ Do you think she would miss me?

Tell me what you think~ I could come live with you ~ I don't eat much...see my little vintage bowl?

I would love to hear from you


Mindy xo


  1. You can come live with me Mindy; I'd love a little friend for my Ben!

    Your a very pretty girl,


  2. Hey Mindy, You could run away and visit us on our prairie and run with us big guys, we're Irish Wolfhounds, we look scary, have no fear, we're just big loves!
    Cute bowl kid, you could fit in one of our bowls! Now as far as those chickens...let them know who's the boss and besides your Mommy loves you so much, hey our Mommy only buys us squeaky chicks!

  3. Oh, I'd find room for you!!! Adorable!

  4. So cute Mindy! I'm sure you will love the chickens!!

  5. YOU will LOVE Florida...I promise! And Mommy can come and visit whenever she is not busy with her chickens! heeheehee! ♥♥♥

  6. My daughter would love you, Mindy! But I think your mom would miss you terribly!

  7. she is so adorable!! I don't think she has anything to worry chicken can be as cute as her

  8. Oh sweet, sweet can come live here anytime, but we have chickens to! Izzy can tell you all about when the chickens came to our farm, she was worried to about us loving them more.......she soon learned that NO WAY we could ever love those chickens more than her and her sister......she and sis now love sitting next to the chicken yard and watching those hens cackle!

  9. Willie would love to have come live with us, but I think your Mommy would miss you a lot. I know you think you are being replaced; think of all the fun you will have chasing chickens. Sh-h-h it's our secret, okay? And, when Mommy comes in exhausted from tending the chickens, guess who she is going to want to cuddle with? You! You are the one getting to sleep in the house.... Hugs, Bonnie and Willie

    p.s. you are always welcome to come visit if you need a respite.

  10. Mindy, you are adorable! I'd love to have you come live with me but I don't think you'd like the cold and snowy winters we have here, so, you'd best stay with your mommy. She might really miss you. Besides you could have fun playing with the chickens too!

  11. Mindy, You are always welcome at my house, but don't worry, you are too cute and your mommy would never choose chickens over you !!!!!

  12. Mindy - you are a cutie. My 12 year old would scoop you up in a minute.

  13. Dear Mindy,
    Don't worry, Mommie's chickens will be outside. Your mommy would be so sad if you ran away. But you can come visit my Sissie (Pants). She would love you. She has a friend named Xena that looks just like you and they are best friends.

  14. oh Mindy, we are coming right away :) But I think that you're mommy would miss you could she not - you are much cuter & smarter than chickens!!
    But, if you find that you can't take it - you just let us know!!

  15. Mindy, you could come live with me anytime, but I don't think your mommy will give you up. She loves you most.

  16. Oh, Mindy, she will never love them more than you. I think they will be jealous of YOU! Why don't you bring your mommy and come visit me when the chickens get on your nerves!

  17. Hey, you cutie pie, yes, you could come and live with me, but your mommy would miss you so much that you would just have to go back home then. It would hurt your mommies feelings and that would not be fair. No, she will not love those chickens more than she loves you. Chickens aren't usually pets, and you are her favorite pet. Have a good day and tell your mommy hello for me.
    Big hugs, Cindy