Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Wonderful Walk

Hello again my friends ~ it is snowing again in Ontario

We have received more snow in the last two weeks than we have gotten in a whole winter ~

Just look at all of the snow ~  We are trying to stay warm

Everything is blanketed in a beautiful white cover ~ brrrrrr

I am trying to make the house look warm and cozy ~

Here is my little banner in front of the fireplace ~ mittens always keep you warm ~ don't you think?

I sit here and sip hot cocoa ~ mmmmmm ~

tonight, Mr. V. and I went for a walk in the snow.  The snow was falling and there was no wind.  We got dressed and just walked.  It was so peaceful ~

Have you ever noticed that when it snows it is very quiet?  I love that ~

I think it is going to be a snow day tomorrow ~ ahhhhh  ~ stay warm my friends ~ 


is it snowing where you are?



  1. It's not snowing right now, but we've had plenty here in St. Albert, Alberta. Hoping for an early spring!

  2. It looks so peaceful. Not a chance of snow here, so I'll enjoy it via your blog. Enjoy your cocoa!

  3. No snow here, but there are calling for it today...we'll see! Sweet little cute! Stay warm...

  4. Everything looks so pretty under the snow doesn't it? I like your sweet mitten garland. We've had a lot of snow this winter so far and today we're in for a change - warm temperatures and rain. It's freezing rain at the moment then it will warm up as the day progresses. It's going to be a mess and very icy when it freezes over through the night tonight. Enjoy this cozy season.

  5. What beautiful pictures. Winter walks (without wind) are the best way to enjoy the snow. It's been a wild winter hasn't it? We have a blizzard going on and the wind chills are scary. Stay cozy!

  6. You have had a lot of snow. I know here (Ohio) they said the week before Christmas that we had gotten more than all of last winter. Still snowing, hah. We don't have as much as you have at all. It is cold though. Love the mittens. What a cute little house you have.

  7. That is a lot of snow! We don't have much snow here (just a light dusting) but it is very cold. Dangerously cold in fact and we brought all our animals indoors to keep them safe. Sending you warm thoughts! :)

  8. Ooooh, I enjoyed your beautiful snow pictures. Snow is a rare occurrence here in the southern US, but we got a few flurries yesterday. You have a beautiful blog and I've enjoyed my visit on this cold winter's day. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sherry. We have more snow today. It's getting really deep. 2 feet~!

  9. Gorgeous snow pics... No snow as yet in the UK just lots of rain!!..You have a lovely blog .. Love those mittens... Have a happy week... Hugs May x x x

  10. It snowed here just in December more than it normally does all winter long. The forecast is calling for snow tomorrow and Friday and next week for two days too. It has been a bizarre winter so far!
    Your banner is very sweet!

  11. Yes I love the quietness of the snow! To cold here for a walk, minus 30 wind chill. My Mom and I use to love to go for walks when it was snowing.

  12. A winter wonderland! So pretty. It snowed most of the day here and will again tomorrow or so they say. Love that quietness when the snow is falling. Mimi

  13. What a very pretty post, snow can be very pretty. I am always torn during this season - it's a love/hate relationship that me and old man winter have! :)

  14. Just landed on your beautiful blog & love your photographs! Where I am on the West coast it is nothing but rain.....but where my (hope to be soon) little cottage is...tons of snow!

  15. The snow here is finally gone. That is a LOT of snow! I don't think I could live where it is that cold. And you're right, it is so quiet when it snows.

  16. Kind of hoping for some snow here in Portland, Oregon before winter is over. LOVE those little mittens and how did you ever do that snow effect on your photo???