Saturday, November 23, 2013

So glad to be back

Hello my friends ~it has been so gloomy here. I could not take pictures at all ~

Now the sun is shining and I can once again take pictures and visit you.  I have missed  you all

I cannot believe that this rose bush continues to bloom, even though it has been frosty and cold ~ such a thriving plant ~ don't you think?  

I have been so busy with life.  I have to apologize for not being around.  But things are settling down now.  Sometimes, life happens ~

The frost is settling in on my thyme ~

Well, it is that time of year ~  time to snuggle and get cozy in front of the fire ~ hot chocolate ~ you know ~ cozy time ~

Time to knit little things.  Yes, I am making Chico a little scarf While I was knitting, Mr. V. did it again ~ swoon ~

I found an old foot stool outside of an estate sale in the trash ~ yep ~ I took it out of the trash and rescued it.  Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of it before.  But, it was very forlorne and ragged

Here it is now.  Mr. V. is wonderful.  He makes magic happen ~

It is now is my sewing~craft room.  My little corner where I love to sit and relax.  Chico thinks this  is his little corner ;-)

Mommy has been very busy, but now she has time to visit.  Will you come and play with us?

We love your visits ~ See you again soon!



(and Chico)


  1. Spending time in front of a fireplace and knitting sounds heavenly! Stay toasty!

  2. Oh, sounds so wonderful, love cozy in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate........Sweet Chico, what a face, Smooches, Francine.

  3. Chico is as cute as can be! Glad life has settled down and you are back. A cup of hot chocolate sounds pretty good right now!

  4. Marianne I have missed your posts! Chico is adorable and the vintage stool looks fabulous! Welcome back to Blogland!