Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oh My I am sore ~

Hello my friends ~ It has been quite a while since I have posted ~ It has been very busy around the Vintage Home ~

Spring is here at last ~

We have been busy digging and splitting plants and redoing the gardens ~

We had to clean out the garden too ~

Everything is just popping ~

I also created a little fairy house ~

Love my garden fairy ~

Here is my other garden fairy ~ O.K. He's an Angel ;-)

Chico loves to be outside with me ~

We have other projects on the go  ~ I will share them with you soon ~

Thank you for stopping by ~ I am so looking forward to sharing the other things that are going on ~

Have you been gardening?  Please share




  1. Oh, nice to see that you can enjoy being outdoors again!
    We are gardening up a storm here in Central Florida!
    Hope you were able to soak those tired muscles!

  2. Your garden is much farther ahead than ours but everything is bursting forth here too. We had a busy weekend of yard work too after having some trees cut down. I can hardly move for sore muscles etc. Our weather has been beautiful. Have a great week. Pam

  3. a junkin woman cool!!!! I love vintage and old and repurposing things. I hate to see wasted and thrown away.My husbandhates it but oh well I could do worse things .....I love your little vinyettes!!!!! cute fairies !!! I love your little guy he is so cute.Chico what a presence you have :)we have a 20 yr old that looks just like him in our park in Fl ...cute blog

    Debbie kelly

  4. That's a creative way to decorate your garden and you reduced wastage as well.
    Soffit and fascia Toronto

  5. I love fairy gardens ~ love yours! I was just over at Victoria's at Slightly Shabby and she was sharing hers too!

  6. Oh, your fairy garden--I just love it! How creative!