Saturday, July 21, 2012

vintage cake plate ~

Happy Saturday, my dear ones ~  How is your day going?

My Hibiscus is loving the shade of the front porch in these scorching temps ~

I am trying to save the rest of my potted plants, they don't like these high temps, even though I water every day ~ sigh ~

This poor little thing didn't make it.  I might leave it there for visual interest ;-)

I decided that I would buy some flowers for the inside of the house ~ I love flowers, don't you?

To me, flowers make our house just feel so much more special ~

And so does this little cake plate.  I picked it up at an estate sale.  I just love the ruffles ~ can't wait for the temperature to cool so that I can bake a cake ~

Love the hobnail bottom ~ so cute ~

It's so hot Chessie won't even go outside.  He's moping.

Cheer up Chess, this won't last long~!

What are your plans for today?  Have you picked up anything special for yourself?

Please share with me ~ I can't wait ;-)




  1. Oh I love the cake plate. Milk glass is a favorite. It is so much harder to find than it once was. Stay cool!

  2. Gorgeous cake plate! Its hot here too - almost to hot to blog...I'm just stalking others today :>)

  3. It's been really hot here too, I have been watching my grandkids the last two weeks and I hate that it is to hot to spend much time outdoors.

  4. I know what you mean about the heat and I agree with Chessie much too hot to go outside even for yard sales. I did buy some pretty fabric. Does that count?

  5. So many pretty flowers! And I ADORE your plate! Oh its beautiful!


  6. Greta runs out, does her business and runs back in. I only go out to water...and I still have plants that look like your "visual interest" one!

  7. I am loving flowers more and more with age.Lol they are all so pretty.Chessie looks very sweet, we had a lab for 13 yrs.~Cheers Kim

  8. That cake stand is very pretty with its ruffles. Yes, a house is always more of a home with flowers in it!

  9. The white cake plate is perfect! White is great for any time of the year or any decor. We're staying inside today with the air running and ceiling fans humming! It's 90 here right now which isn't as bad as some parts of the country. I'm goofing off! I may even read some this afternoon. I'm reading a mystery that I can't put down! Sweet hugs!

  10. Hi Marianne, I hope your Sunday is going well. The high temps and humidity were terrible here too. The same thing happened with some of our potted plants dried right up there was no saving them. So thankful we did get a break the past few days. The cake plate is great. I love the vintage milk glass. Hugs, Anna

  11. Your cake plate is beautiful! And the pictures of your flowers are gorgeous! I've been looking over some of your past posts that I've missed. I truly admire your photography and vignette styling. You always do such a terrific job!

  12. Your poor pooch! It's hot here too and I'm getting pretty tired of it. Your cake plate is lovely. Definitely wait until a cool down to turn on that oven though!

  13. I love your hobnail cake plate, such a pretty vintage white:)Poor Chessie, can't blame him, it has been an unusually hot summer this year. It has been raining here for the last few days and temperatures have cooled down a lot this week compared to last happy to see the rain, good for my plants as well. The pictures of your hibiscus are so gorgeous. I agree with you, flowers always bring color and cheer to any room.Thanks for visiting me and for your sweet comment. Have a lovely weekend!~Poppy

  14. Hi Marianne,

    Thank you for your sweet comment! Your blog is lovely too, I'll be following you. Was in Canada earlier this summer to visit a friend. Vancouver, which I'm sure is very far from where you are, but what we saw of Canada was very beautiful. Thank you for stopping by,


  15. I am recently reobssessed with milkglass and I love your ruffly little cake plate! That little kitchen towel is darling too. Hope it cools down for you. It's 100º today, but that's normal for our summer and we have a very shady yard and that helps.