Monday, February 7, 2011

~ flowers ~

With all the snow we have, I am loving the flowers in my home ~
I LOVE flowers ~

My little metal sign I picked up at a craft sale ~ makes me smile ;-)

Flowers on my mantel for the romantic Valentine look

On my lampshade in the living room..casts a rosey glow

I have flowers on the wall...

and in my little cabinet

My dried lavender with my straw hat reminds me of summer~

Do YOU love flowers as much as I do?  Where do you have your flowers....please tell me ~ I'd love to know....;-)


  1. I loved seeing all your floral items-I have quite a few around my home too! Your triangle hat hanger is really unusual!

  2. You have so many beautiful flowers around your house! I love all of your vintage treasures.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I am your newest follower too!

  3. I love flowers too Marianne! And I have them all over my petite cottage. In paintings, on lamps, under cloches...Love them painted, made out of silk and love, love, love them fresh in a beautiful white ceramic pitcher. All yours look so pretty and romantic. I especially liked your pretty little flowered pitcher and matching cups...Too cute.

    Hugs and Kisses,


  4. I love your little vintage sign, that is so pretty! I have dried lavender hanging in my home also, it smells so good:)

  5. Hello Marianne ~
    I love the vintage seed signs makes me smile too. :) Your post is so romantic for upcoming Valentine's day.
    Let me see, I have a large variety of dried herbs pretty much hanging everywhere. No lavender left until Summer.
    Have a great week,

  6. I am sooo excited for spring myself.I love your sign and your plates.I have flowers in my bathroom and bedroom.~Cheers Kim

  7. Beautiful, I love all of your indoor flowers!! So pretty and romantic, love the sign and the mantle, the plates and dishes...ahh looks so lovely and fresh!! :) I think I have flowers in some way in every room of the house, well except the kiddos...that's THEIR domain...I'm not allowed.....hee hee!! Hope you have a beautiful day!! Huggers!!

  8. Love all your flowers! I find that I can't live without flowers and have them everywhere in my house, and garden! In fact, I'm even painting some flowers right now.


  9. Love all of your flowers Mariann! Especially the ones on the fireplace with those pink pearls...very romantic! Being that Karrie is a floral designer, I've got flowers just about everywhere! I always have something by the sink...because, like you, they make me smile! I LOVE spring going into summer...because that's when we get to plant flowers outside...that makes both of our hearts sing!! Had to chuckle at your flower plates....we went thrifting yesterday and picked up mostly plates with flowers on them :) that will have to do until spring comes!!

  10. That metal flower sign is gorgeous! I just did my first craft...I knocked off a Pottery Barn frame for posting pictures and put up a beautiful flower picture. Love it!

    Heather @ REOlisticRenovation

  11. Thank you for following along. the mac and cheese is from food tv
    this is the link for it. I looked back at some of your posts wonderful. I love flowers and this time of year yearn for them. I have forced paperwhites that make me happy and i am ordering flowers for the garden from a catalog. and next month is a flower show in Boston I hope to attend.
    thanks again and stay warm we are headed in to some very cold weather in NH

  12. Wonderful flowers. I love them and they always lift my spirits no matter the season.

  13. Love all your florals! So glad you stopped by so I could visit!
    Your newest follower - love romantic blogs!